If you are going to travel to Utah this year, and you are not quite sure what you are going to be doing, you should see what types of attractions are available. It’s not like California or Florida, but it does have its unique qualities, many of which have to do with the natural landscape. There are outdoor activities that you can do on the water, and on the land. There are also natural formations that will astound you. Here is a quick overview of how you can plan a fun-filled vacation in Utah if you would like to experience one of the best places in the world.

The Narrows In Zion National Park

This is a place that is in southern Utah. It is a national park that is known for the unique formations that it has. There are several places you can go but The Narrows our one of a unique places you will ever see. These are rock formations that have been cut out by water and wins. You can walk in between these very narrow canyons. It is in Zion National Park which is also an astounding place to be. From there, you will want to head over to the city of Moab

Arches National Park

In the city of Moab, once you have checked into your hotel, you can then head over to the Arches National Park. These geologic formations are known worldwide because of the fact that there are literal arches of rock standing on the ground. These are enormous formations. They can be seen for miles. They are the result of sedimentary layers that were carved away by an ancient lake or ocean that used to be where Utah stands today. It is a place that will make you realize how ancient our world is, and how things have changed over time.

If you have not been to Utah, these are two places that you need to visit. It’s going to make you realize how incredible the world is. Although there are not a lot of trees or forests, what you have are the natural formations of rock that are just as astounding. It is recommended that you see all of these national parks which are easy to access. If you are bringing friends or family members, they can also enjoy this with you. Find out more about setting up your vacation in Utah this year.