Utah is known for its unique and picturesque landscape, and the culture of the state is unique as well. Salt Lake City is the capital city and as big as it gets for a state that is full of attractions and things to do dealing with nature. Salt Lake City has over 1,000 restaurants, so this short review of some of the top picks can be helpful. You might just find your next stop for a bite to eat when you end up traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Valter’s Osteria is the top restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it is an Italian food establishment located on West Broadway Street. Would you have guessed that this place serves Italian food? The name made me think it was going to be a fine dining establishment. Some of the reviews do point to a menu that is a bit pricey, but most people expect that at a restaurant that serves up the best authentic Italian food.

You don’t have to look far down the list to find another top Italian restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah,Cafe Molise. Let’s move past Italian cuisine, however, and let’s take a look at a unique restaurant called The Blue Lemon. Can you guess what is going to be served up there? This establishment features and eclectic menu of American food favorites, including sandwiches, fish tacos, braised short ribs and more. The Blue Lemon is located on West South Temple Street.

Did you know that there is a restaurant inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building? Not only is it a top rated restaurant, but it is located inside a top rated attraction. That makes it even more of an appealing stop of course. What can you get to eat there? According to the reviews, all kinds of things are going on inside this building, and considering a tour of the building is available, just start there and work your way around. There are different spots to eat there, but one favorite is The Garden Restaurant.
Beerhive Pub is another top ranked restaurant in Salt Lake City.
It should be easy to spot with its picture-perfect downtown location on South Main Street. This establishment will handle your pub food craving. That’s enough restaurants for now to keep you out there exploring all the things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah.